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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Techniques chirurgical d'implant dentaire Guide chirugical d'implant dentaire Planification d'implant dentaire

Live surgical demonstration, with the use of the new computer engineered surgical guide; 3I-Safe System, in the course of electronic implant planning.

The Dental Implantology Institute of Quebec teaches the most advanced and up to date implantology techniques. Outstanding fact of the seminar, Dr. Tremblay made a demonstration of the use of a computer designed surgical guide; the 3I Safe Surgical Guide. Currently the Dental Implantology Institute of Quebec is one of the only beta testing clinic along with selected clinics in the United States; this new guide will soon be available on the market.

The Dental Implantology Institute of Quebec offers you:


The Case:

Extraction of a primary tooth and immediate implant placement with temporary crown.

Case Study